Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Lovin' LissyKay - Day #2

Thank you all SOOOO much for the response to our little lovefest for our designer!!

This "event" was planned and put into action with the help of a lot of people - but not Melissa (aka LissyKay). She knew nothing about it...until it started showing up in her news feed yesterday. According to her daughter, she was smiling for the first time in days - and that's saying something when you're in as much pain as she is. So, thank you.

(And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can read the backstory in the August 1st post.)

And remember - there will be challenges (with prizes!) going on all month over in the Go Digital Scrapbooking forum. We had a bit of a rough start yesterday because, well, to us, it was quite obvious what everyone is supposed to do to participate. But we had been talking it over for days, so of course we all knew what we meant. But it didn't translate well at first between what was said and what we thought we said. Those questions have been ironed out and the challenge for Week #1 is firmly under way now. Come join the fun for the Lovin' LissyKay - Week #1 Challenge.

So here we are - Day #2. Let's see what is featured today:

And let's take a closer look:

Painted Pocket

Blue Ribbon Champ

Today I Choose Happy (regular)

Today I Choose Happy (pocket)

The Best Part


And here is just a VERY small sampling of CT layouts that have been created with these template sets:

As before, we hope that as we feature different template sets each day, you'll see something you hadn't seen before and decided you need to add it to your stash.

Thanks for checking in - see you back here tomorrow!

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