Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Lovin' LissyKay - Day #3

Hello, Digiworld!


We (the LissyKay CT) heard from Melissa this morning. Not only did she have more sales in one day than she usually has in a month, but they came at a time when the realities of her physical, financial and daily living situation had her just about ready to give up designing. She feels the love and caring from the digi community, and it has inspired her to start creating again, so hopefully we'll have some NEW LissyKay templates to look forward to soon!

If you're just now joining us or finding out about our Lovin' LissyKay event, here's the story thus far:

Melissa, the designer behind the fantastic (and somewhat unique) templates at LissyKay Designs, has been through a car accident with back/neck injuries, physical therapy, a surgery which didn't work, and a *second* car accident. The doctors want her to have a 2nd surgery...Melissa wants to have a 2nd surgery...but insurance is insisting that she do physical therapy first - which is hurting more than helping.

She's barely able to be out of bed, much less spend time at her computer creating her special templates at her usual output. At the same time, medical bills are mounting.

Her Creative Team ladies have decided to spend August promoting HARD her templates, not as a sale - because that would cut into our efforts to help raise funds - but just to remind everyone what a wonderfully talented designer our Melissa is and see if we can help you find something you might want for your stash.

With that being said, let's look at another round of LissyKay Designs templates featuring a 1-2-3 punch:

1 for the Money

Sample Layouts:

2 for the Show

Sample Layouts

Sample Layouts

Since there's no "4 to Go," how about...


Sample Layouts

From the Top

Sample Layouts

Catch a Wave

Sample Layouts

Remember to head over to the Lovin' LissyKay Challenge in the GoDigitalScrapbooking forum. Create a layout using one of the templates being featured this week (the complete list for the whole week is posted in the challenge), earn some participation prizes and have a chance at a random drawing prize for a $10 coupon at the LissyKay Designs store at GDS! This post is already long enough, so tomorrow I'll show you the participation prizes. 

But most of all, THANK YOU (again) for lovin' our Melissa and helping us help her and her family. See you tomorrow!