Friday, August 4, 2017

Lovin' LissyKay - Days #5 and #6

Oh, yes - you read that right. TWO days!

We've tried each day to group templates more-or-less according to a theme. (Or, at least, if there are some sets that are built around a theme, we're trying to put them together on the same day.)

But this weekend the LissyKday Designs CT is bringing you what *I* think are Melissa's signature templates: the themed grids called "My {...} Story."

Pick a theme - family, home, Christmas, summer, school - and you'll most likely find a "My {...} Story" template to match. In fact, Melissa has designed 21 of these sets so far.

The CT ladies love them so much there's no way we could show you all of the sample layouts we've collected for them, so we're spreading those over two days this weekend. (And it still won't be enough!) For today, the important thing is to let you see the previews. So feel free to scroll down through the list and see if there's something that makes you think, "Hey! I have pictures about that that I really need to get done!"

Ready? Here we go:

My {1st Day} Story

My {Awareness} Story 

My {Backyard} Story

My {Basic} Story 1  

My {Basic} Story 2

My{Christmas} Story

My {Crazy} Story

My {Dad} Story 

My {Easter} Story 

My {Family} Story

My {Graduation} Story 

My {Halloween} Story

(also called "My {Spooky} Story")

My {Home} Story 

My {Love} Story

My {Mom} Story 

My {Lucky} Story 

My {Snow} Story 

My {Spring} Story 

My {Summer} Story 

My {Thanksgiving} Story 

My {Trick or Treat} Story 

And remember - you only have today and tomorrow left to create your masterpiece and enter it in this week's Lovin' LissyKay Challenge over at the Go Digital Scrapbooking forum! Everyone who enters will receive 6 quick pages created with LissyKay's templates and kits generously donated by other designers, and one lucky person will win a random drawing for a $10 coupon to the LissyKay Designs store at GDS! Entries for this week's challenge will close Sunday night. (But if you miss this one, there will be more throughout the month!)

See you tomorrow!

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