Sunday, December 9, 2018

SDBT: Winter Frost

We made it!!!!

We've survived 2018! Well, I think I'm going to survive - I still have WAY too much to get done between now and Christmas! LOL!

In any case...the nice thing about living in the northern hemisphere is that each year ends and begins with the cold quiet of winter - nature's way of making us slow down and assess what we've done and what we want to do.

This month's Scrap Designers Blog Train helps you slow down, too, with several beautiful offerings from some talented designers. You can find them at the following stops:

Promethean Concepts
KJD Designs
The Rush Ranch
Skinni’z Statz, Scrapz and Stuff

Songbird Scrap Designs  (NOTE: Tammy has been caught by the blizzard moving across the Southern US and has no power at the time this blog train went live. Please keep checking back with her blog - she will get things posted ASAP.)

AnnieC Digitals
Joy’s Creations
Made by Angelhaze
Lady DG Scrap
DigiJen Scraps <-- you are here
Moore Blessings Digital Design

And now.....

I've done something different this month. Because winter means so many different things to so many different people, I've actually taken a poem I found and divided it so each line is a separate file. This way, you can use the main header/title and then find the word bit that fits your layout best.

What I Love About Winter
by Douglas Florian

Frozen lakes

Hot pancakes
Lots of snow
Hot cocoa
Skates and skis
Evergreen trees
Funny Hats
Sunsets blaze
Snowball fights
Fireplace nights
Chimneys steaming
Winters dreaming
(The "BRRR!!!!!" file is just my own commentary on the season.) 

I hope you enjoy your winter - whether you're having it now or whether it shows up 6 months from now - and find some time to get some scrapping done.

Have a wonderful holiday too much food...and hug someone you love.

See you again soon!

Monday, November 19, 2018

DBTL: Leukodystrophy Awareness

One thing about participating in this blog train for the last 18 months - I've learned about a lot of new-to-me conditions that I never knew existed before. IOW, my awareness has been raised. So I guess the train has served its purpose. :)

This month is no except. For November we are focusing on Leukodystrophy Awareness.

As always, our designers have created some wonderful bits 'n' bobs for you - all you have to do is go gather them!

JIC Creations
Dreamn4Ever Designs
Nellie Bell Sunique Boutique
Dea’s Design
Moore Blessings Digital Design
Shuckclod’s Stuff
DigiJen Scraps <-- You Are Here
DBTL FB Page (click picture, SHOP NOW) 

As for my part this month, since I couldn't find much specifically on leukodystrophy, I decided to make a general word art pack about living with chronic illness and pain. And since a sense of humor seems to be one of the best weapons in any health battle, most of these have a slightly dark-humor-ish twist to them. 

I hope you are able to use these in your layouts, no matter what your battle is against.

For those of you in the US, have a Happy Thanksgiving. For the rest of you, get geared up for the Black Friday specials that are coming at you this weekend in Digiland!

Friday, November 9, 2018

SDBT: Kindness Is Contagious

My grandson has recently discovered the fun and joy of "paying it forward" - going through the drive thru and paying for the order behind you as well as your own. Of course, he's really eager to do it when it's MY money that is being spent. The one time I said, "I'll do it, but you have to pay me back out of your money at home," and he responded, "But, that's for me to buy GAMES!!!!"

Next lesson: It's not meaningful if it doesn't cost you anything. LOL!

However, I love that he has picked up on the whole pay it forward spirit - something that is celebrated with this month's Scrap Designers Blog Train theme, "Kindness Is Contagious." As usual, I have a handful of word art designs to add some variety and pop to your layouts as you showcase those in your life who are particularly kind.

And here is where you can find the offerings from our other designers this month. We've had some new people join our group, so there's a lot to pick up!


DigiJen Scraps <-- You are here 

I hope you enjoy. For those of you in the US, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. And for everyone, be sure to schedule time for yourself as the holiday season approaches so you can rest, reflect and appreciate all that is going on.

'Til next time!

Friday, October 19, 2018

DBTL: Crohn's Disease Awareness

You know how once in awhile you get hit with the sudden urge to go use the restroom? Or maybe you have an instant stomach ache that is so bad it has you doubled over?

Now imagine that being a regular thing - like daily. Or even if it's not happening, there's always the very real chance that it COULD happen. No matter what's going on. No matter where you are.

This is reality for people living with Crohn's Disease. Please take a couple minutes before going on your downloading spree and learn a little about this condition. It is one of the "hidden disabilities" and you may be just the person who is able to help someone who is having an attack, if you only recognize it for what it is.

Go ahead. I'll wait.




Now, on to the downloads!

The number of designers participating this month may be small, but we've come up with some great items for you:

Shuckclod’s Stuff
JIC Creations
DigiJen Scraps  <-- you are here
DBTL FB Page(click picture, SHOP NOW) 

And now, here are some word art sayings and phrases that I hope you will find encouraging, whether you're dealing with Crohn's Disease or some other chronic illness.


Have a wonderful Halloween - and I'll see you back here in a few weeks for the November Scrap Designers Blog Train!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

SDBT: Movies & Popcorn

When the world gets to be too much, it can be like a mini vacation to just sit down, pop some popcorn, and put in a movie to watch for a couple hours. Or better yet, get out of the house, turn off the cell phone, and actually go into a dark theater where there are no distractions (except a bladder that threatens to explode because of the oversized drink you picked up on the way in).

Some movies become cultural touchstones, with lines that become part of pop culture:
"ET phone home."
"May the force be with you."
"My precioussssssss."

(You can probably tell what my favorite movie genre is.)

A good quote can also serve to add some punch to a layout. The quotes included in this month's collection represent some of my favorite movies (or movie franchises) and also are good life lessons to remember (and use for layouts). I'll also admit that some of them seem more important during the tumultuous times that we're having in the USA right now, so that influenced my choices somewhat.

Be sure to follow the blog train and pick up all the goodies to finish off the layouts honoring your favorite movies:

Songbird Scraps Designs
Rush Ranch
Joy's Creations
DigiScrap Angelhaze
Skinni’s Scraps and Stuff
Nellie Bell
DigiJen Scraps  <-- You Are Here
Promethean Concepts
Moore Blessings Digital Design more surprise...if you don't mind a couple of repeat files, I created a set of word art earlier this year based on my most favorite movie to come along in a L O N G time - "The Greatest Showman." I quit counting once I saw this one in the theater for the 10th time. The music is infectious and a GREAT mood lifter! The set is still available for download if you want it:

Whoo! Have fun...enjoy celebrating your movie moments...and I'll see you back here soon!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

SDBT: Farm & Fair

Welcome back to another blog train!

Lori always seems to find themes that really pique my interest, and this month is no different.

You wouldn't know it to look at me now...all suburbia living in a college town, enjoying pizza delivery and having a grocery store less than five minutes away...but I grew up as a farm girl. I played in the hay loft, gathered eggs from chickens (while dodging the mean rooster), bottle fed calves, swam in a pond in the back yard, ground corn for the cows. I'm the only person my age I know who had water trucked in and dumped into a well, remembers a hand pump at the kitchen sink, had bath water heated on the stove, took baths in a washtub sitting in the middle of the kitchen, and actually used an outhouse on a regular basis. (We finally installed a water heater and running water and built a bathroom in the corner of the basement when I was about 10.) Later, when I was in high school and we lived on a different farm, my dad switched from raising cows to raising turkeys, so I learned all the steps involved in THAT process.

I won't say I loved it, but it was a solid way to be raised and it was good to know how to work.

Now, here's the funny part.

Lori (who organizes this train) paired "farm" with "fair." She didn't realize she had a county fair queen in her group of designers, I'm betting. 🤣🤣🤣

Sadly, all the pictures of me AS queen (with the tiara and sash and all that) were mostly in the newspaper. The few prints I got were black and white (and overexposed) and are buried in a tote full of pictures in my closet. But this was the "contestant portrait" that all of us girls had taken beforehand. And just so you's not all glamourous. Not when you have prize-winning pigs trying to sniff up your skirt or have to wear a fireman's coat when you're sitting on stage in the middle of the muddy demolition derby arena. (But the free elephant ears were definitely a perk!)

So yeah...farms and fairs. You're pretty much talking about my life up to the time I left home for college.

That's why I was so excited to create this word art for "Farm & Fair" month!

 And if you haven't seen the rest of our designers' offerings, you really should! With a picture of a magnificent rooster as our inspiration this month, we had nearly every color and shade available for our palette. Go grab some goodies!

Sugarbutt Designs
Songbird Scraps Designs
Rush Ranch
Promethean Concepts
Skinni’s Scraps and Stuff
DigiScrap Angelhaze
Nellie Bell
LEA Art Designs
DigiJen Scraps  <-- You Are Here
Moore Blessings Digital Design

Hope you enjoy what we've put together for you this month. See you back soon for the next blog train. (And I have ideas like of these days I'll have time to create some non-train bits for you.)

As always, to keep up with the latest releases of my word art, go like/follow my Facebook page:
DigiJen Scraps Word Art


Sunday, August 19, 2018

DBTL: Rhesus Disease Awareness

It's time for the Digi Blog Train List to take off again!

This month the designers are focusing on Rhesus Disease - the whole reason expecting mommies have to that that Rh test and possibly a couple of rhogam injections.

If you're like me, you know that Rh factor is a thing, but may not completely understand why or how it works. Considering that it can be a life-threatening condition, please take a minute to read read the web page from Mount Sinai Hospital and learn a little about it.

Many of the designers are creating child- and baby-centered offerings this month to go along with the theme. You can get all the parts by visiting the blogs below:

Nellie Bell's Unique Boutique
Dea’s Design
Dreamn4Ever Designs
JIC Creations
Shuckclod’s Stuff
Ostrea Designs
DigiJen Scraps  <-- you are here
DBTL FB Page(click OFFERS)

Like the other designers, I focused on that special bond between mother and child - whether that child is little or grown, whether that mother is sweet & tender or pushed into her "mother bear" mode.

Thanks for stopping by! As always, if you want to keep up with new releases, I'd appreciate you liking my DigiJen Scraps Word Art Facebook page. I don't do releases on a really regular schedule (other than the blog trains I do), so Facebook is the place to know what's happening!