Thursday, October 19, 2017

DBTL: Personality Disorders

Even though I went to school and trained as a therapist/counselor, the experience of emotional struggles became much more personal when my daughter was diagnosed with a combination of OCD, ADD, anxiety and depression. That was nearly 10 years ago, and I'm still learning how best to help her, because her situation changes as time goes on, as her medicines become less effective, as she gets newer or stronger meds.

And still, those are all considered "minor" disorders. This month's Digi Blog Train List focuses on even more intense conditions that some people must deal with on a daily basis. I won't begin to say that these conditions can be cured, but with proper medication and counseling, they can be understood and people can know how to live with them. (And when I say "live with them," I also include those who interact with people with these disorders - for example, it would be extremely wise for single people to do some reading about narcissistic personality disorder so they'll recognize a narcissist when they meet one.)

You can get an overview of Personality Disorders here. You may recognize some traits listed here that appear in people you know.

As for the DBTL...we have 8 designers giving you 9 wonderful stops on this month's blog train.

And as usual, I've put together some word art to go along with this month's theme. Some of it is meant to be encouraging to others. Some of it is more suitable for doing layouts about personal struggles:

You can find all of our offerings at:

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I hope you like what we've put together. See you back here next month!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Scrap Designers Blog Train: October Delights

Happy Fall, Y'all!

This month I've joined my second blog train - the Scrap Designers Blog Train. A huge thanks to the ladies of this group for letting me join their party.

Here in the Midwest USA, temperatures are getting cooler, nights are getting longer, leaves are changing color, football is on the TV, and kids are planning their Halloween costumes.

In our house, we start October with one birthday (my husband's) and end it with another (my grandson's).

So we have all KINDS of October Delights to celebrate - and I can't wait to use some of the wonderful offerings from various scrap designers for my layouts!

You can pick up bits from the other designers when you stop by their blogs:
(Remember - we're scattered around the world, so it may take 24 hours for everyone to get their blogs "live.")

DigiJen Scraps <--You are here

And my part is this set of word art. I hope you enjoy it.

See you back here in a couple weeks!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

DBTL: Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Awareness

Welcome to this month's Digi Blog Train List!

Each month, designers get together and use their creative talents to bring awareness to various causes. This month's focus is on Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. Cancer in any form is a horrible disease where the body's cells turn on themselves and start growing out of control, almost invariably leading to a long fight for one's life.

You can learn more about this specific blood cancer through the American Cancer Society's website.

In the meantime, you can collect designs from these 9 designers by following the links below:

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KJD Designs
Cocotounette Designs
Moore Blessings Digital Design
Ostrea Designs
Angel Wing Scraps
DigiJen Scraps  <-- You Are Here
Shuckclod's Stuff
DBTL FB Page (click bonus)

And you can download my word art here:

Thanks for stopping by...see you next month!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

DBTL August - "At My Own Pace" (Down Syndrome Awareness)

I have an amazing cousin.
(Well, he's actually my first cousin's son.)

He graduated from high school.
He graduated from college.
He is a ballroom dancer.
He is a teacher's aide in an elementary school.
He travels the country going to conventions.
He has a girlfriend.

And he lives with Down Syndrome.

Because, you see, living with Down Syndrome doesn't mean you can't do things. It just means it might take you longer to get from Point A to Point B. To find out more about Down Syndrome, the National Down Syndrome Society website is a good place to start.

This month, the Digi Blog Train List folks chose Down Syndrome Awareness as their theme. Our designers have come up with some adorable kits:

As for me, I learned a lot as I went looking for word art inspiration. But what sums it up most is this "Down Syndrome Creed" that I found:

So with that in mind, here is my part of this month's blog train. 

Other stops for this month's blog train include:

DigiJen Scraps  <-- you are here

DBTL FB Page (click Bonus)

Thanks for stopping by ~ hope to see you again next month!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

DBTL: Military Support Awareness (My First Blog Train!)

Of all the blog trains that are released every month (or bi-monthly) (or quarterly) (or annually), THE one that I actively go looking for each month is the Digi Blog Train List's "Awareness" series.

So when I decided to try my hand at something creative, it was easy for me to decide which train I wanted to join...if they would have me. In addition, I noticed that while the many designers in this group are both amazingly talented and generous with what they offer for free, there doesn't seem to be a lot of wordy bits included, so this is something that I could do.

And, wouldn't you know it...the very month that I decide to ask if they could use my contributions, I find out that the theme for the month is one that I suggested roughly a year ago! So this just tells me that this is meant to be and the timing is right.

So here we are: My first-ever blog train offering.

This month's topic, "Military Support Awareness," is one that's dear to my heart. I'm not a military spouse personally, but I've known many amazing men and women who have served - and I've known some of the families who keep the home fires burning while they're away. I've also known some families who have lost their loved ones - if not in battle, then in the battle once they are back home, either to depression or to alcholism/drug abuse or to cancer caused by chemicals they were exposed to while deployed.

So with the US's Independence Day just behind us, it's not too late to contact someone you know who is active in the military...or who is retired from it...or who is missing someone who is deployed...and let them know you appreciate their efforts.

Here is my contribution for this month's blog train. I hope you'll be able to use some of these when you scrap to honor our military men and women and their families:

Be sure to stop by the other designers' blogs to pick up the rest of this collection:

DigiJen Scraps <-- YOU ARE HERE
DBTL FB Page (click bonus)

(The usual disclaimer: Our designers are from around the world, so if they haven't posted their part of the blog train yet, please try again later.)

Thanks for stopping by - see you next month!

Sunday, July 9, 2017


Welcome to DigiJen's world!

My name is Jenni, but in the digiscrap world, you'll more likely see me as DigiJen. I've found it's a nice way to keep separate my digiscrap life and my normal life. (Which is a nice way of saying it keeps my non-scrappy friends from yelling at me because I post so much scrappy stuff.) 😉

Normally you'll see me posting ads around Facebook for other designers. I've figured out that I have a special skill set - I can write, and I don't mind spending time posting ads. This works well with artistic types who prefer to spend their time creating more digiscrap kits and would rather not spend time so much with the "business" end of a scrap design business. So we team up, and everyone is happy.

Although I'm taking a hiatus for the month of July, you'll normally find me extolling the delights of kits by these very talented designers:

BoomersGirl Designs 

 Dagi's Temp-tations (templates)  

LissyKey Designs (templates)  

MDD Designs (templates)  

SOOOO....if you want to subscribe to this blog, you'll be able to keep up on the latest from a whole group of designers with very different styles.

There's another reason I've started this blog...but you'll have to wait about 11 more days to find out what that is.🐈